--- 2018 ---

Nectar Feed (2018)
by Various

--- 2017 ---

The Last Shyness (2017)
by Ryan Dobran

Mother; beautiful things (2017)
by Imogen Cassels

Poems (2012-2017)
by Oki Sogumi

by Verity Spott
and Timothy Thornton

A River Has Turned Red
A Broadside for Tom Raworth
by Ian Heames

--- 2016 ---

Nine Drugs
by Ulf Stolterfoht
trans. Lisa Jeschke

To Form

--- 2015 ---

by Jonty Tiplady

by Ian Heames

Graft and Corruption: Shakespeare's Sonnet 15
by J.H. Prynne

Average Cabin
by Tom Raworth

--- 2014 ---

by J.H. Prynne

Dead Cheap
by Lisa Jeschke

Marine Snow

Nine Plays
by Will Stuart

--- 2013 ---

The Undersong
by Jonty Tiplady

by Peter Riley

--- 2012 ---

The Artwar Reader (1998)
by Jeff Keen

Urgent Film (1993)
by Jeff Keen

Banners Over Terminal Highway
by Ian Heames

Team You
by Mike Wallace-Hadrill

by Jefferson Toal

--- 2011 ---

Got On
by Tom Raworth

by Ryan Dobran

Out Of Villon
by Ian Heames

--- 2009 ---

Nettle Range Bladefear
by Mike Wallace-Hadrill

Bad Flowers
by Ian Heames


No Prizes #5 (Winter 2016-17)

Featuring: Tom Raworth, Caitlín Doherty, Ron Padgett, Maya Nylund, J.H. Prynne, Peter Manson, Keston Sutherland, Imogen Cassels, David Grundy, Justin Katko, John DeWitt & Vincent Meyrignac, Rosa van Hensbergen, Verity Spott, Jonty Tiplady, & Eileen Myles.

Cover by Gabriela Mesones Rojo

Edited by Ian Heames





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