--- 2022 ---

Sea Shells Told (2022)
by J.H. Prynne

Sans Soleil (2022)
by Maria Sledmere & Fred Spoliar

--- 2021 ---

Snooty Tipoffs (2021)
by J.H. Prynne

Memory Working: Impromptus (XVIII-XXVI) (2021)
by J.H. Prynne

Lay Them Straight (2021)
by J.H. Prynne

Dune Quail Eggs (2021)
by J.H. Prynne

Fever Hammers (2021)
by Iain Sinclair

To Account For (2021)
by Ian Patterson

Nothing Worked (2021)
by Timothy Thornton

Efflux Reference (2021)
by J.H. Prynne

--- 2020 ---

Orchard (Equipage, 2020)
by J.H. Prynne

Duets Infer Duty (2020)
by J.H. Prynne

See By So (2020)
by J.H. Prynne

Torrid Auspicious Quartz (2020)
by J.H. Prynne

Kernels in Vernal Silence (2020)
by J.H. Prynne

Aquatic Hocquets (2020)
by J.H. Prynne

Memory Working: Impromptus (XI-XVII) (2020)
by J.H. Prynne

Passing Grass Parnassus (2020)
by J.H. Prynne

by James Goodwin

Enchanter's Nightshade (2020)
by J.H. Prynne

Memory Working: Impromptus (2020)
by J.H. Prynne

Squeezed White Noise (2020)
by J.H. Prynne

Chords (2020)
by Raymond Crump

--- 2019 ---

The Neckless Spokesperson of the Garden of Earthly Delights (2019)
by John Dewitt

None Yet More Willing Told (2019)
by J.H. Prynne

Of Better Scrap (2019)
by J.H. Prynne

A Very Short Introduction to Ghosts (2019)
by Timothy Thornton

Rainbow Arcadia (2019)
by Maria Sledmere

Sharp Wren Task (2019)
by Will Stuart

Poems of Sappho (2019)
by Verity Spott

--- 2018 ---

Nectar Feed (2018)
by Various

--- 2017 ---

Apophthegms (2017)
by J.H. Prynne

Save Your Eyes (2017)
by Tom Raworth

The Last Shyness (2017)
by Ryan Dobran

Mother; beautiful things (2017)
by Imogen Cassels

Poems (2012-2017)
by Oki Sogumi

by Verity Spott
and Timothy Thornton

A River Has Turned Red
A Broadside for Tom Raworth
by Ian Heames

--- 2016 ---

Nine Drugs
by Ulf Stolterfoht
trans. Lisa Jeschke

To Form

--- 2015 ---

by Jonty Tiplady

by Ian Heames

Graft and Corruption: Shakespeare's Sonnet 15
by J.H. Prynne

Average Cabin
by Tom Raworth

--- 2014 ---

by J.H. Prynne

Dead Cheap
by Lisa Jeschke

Marine Snow

Nine Plays
by Will Stuart

--- 2013 ---

The Undersong
by Jonty Tiplady

by Peter Riley

--- 2012 ---

The Artwar Reader (1998)
by Jeff Keen

Urgent Film (1993)
by Jeff Keen

Banners Over Terminal Highway
by Ian Heames

Team You
by Mike Wallace-Hadrill

by Jefferson Toal

--- 2011 ---

Got On
by Tom Raworth

by Ryan Dobran

Out Of Villon
by Ian Heames

--- 2009 ---

Nettle Range Bladefear
by Mike Wallace-Hadrill

Bad Flowers
by Ian Heames


Of Better Scrap (expanded second edition, 2019)

by J.H. Prynne

80 pages, plus additional poem on a loosely inserted sheet. 70 poems in total. Signature sewn, large format book, digitally printed in colour throughout, on acid-free paper. Foil lettering to spine and cover; full colour photographic label fixed into blind stamped cover impression. Deep yellow covers, grey endpapers.

Available in paperback and cloth-covered hardback.


19.95 + p&p

Also available as part of a multi-book deal.

£24.95 [£19.95 + £5 UK p&p]

£34.90 [£19.95 + £14.95 International p&p]

Cloth-covered Hardback

60 + p&p

£66 [£60 + £6 UK p&p]

£84.95 [£60 + £24.95 International p&p]

For the specially bound and signed yellow buckram hardback, in a run of twenty-six copies lettered A-Z, or for archive paperback or hardback copies of the first edition (of which there was also a signed and lettered run of twenty-six in buckram), please enquire.

Face Press is located in the UK.
All prices include postage and packaging.